About us

New Century Institute of Education Safety Science and Technology



I. About us

New Century Institute of Education and Safety Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”) was founded in January 2018 in Chengdu, China by a group of scholars and scientists from information and computing science, physics, education, psychology, law, sociology, emergency management, and disaster management fields. The Institute is the first of its kind in China that focuses on education and safety technology and artificial intelligence, aiming to break the traditional discipline boundaries and set up interdisciplinary research platform.


II. Our work

n  Research: To research on school safety education methodology and technique, school safety risk management technology and tools, education safety big data, and school safety risk management technology based on artificial intelligence research and experiment.

n  Training: To deliver trainings on school safety education methodology and technique, school safety risk management knowledge and skill for school personnel and other social organization practitioners.

n  International cooperation and exchange: To provide research support and service for scholars engaging in school safety education and safety risk management so that to promote communication and cooperation between Chinese scholars and their foreign peers. To offer various international visit and communication support and service for practitioners in school safety education and safety risk management.

n  Consultancy: To offer consultancy on school safety risk management for government agency, education administration and schools.


III. Our key staff

n  Chairperson/ PresidentChief Researcher

Zhang Guoyuan, associate professor

    Executive director of Sichuan School Safety Education and Management Research Center

    Board member of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy


n  Vice Chairperson

Wang Yu, associate professor

    National Registered Safety Engineer

    National Registered Safety Evaluation Engineer

    Deputy dean of Safety Engineering Department and faculty party branch secretary of Civil Engineering and Safe Engineering Department, Sichuan Normal University


n  Vice President

Zhang Wei, National Level I of Human Resource Manager (associate senior professional title), social worker, and property manager

    Secretary-general of NGO Disaster Preparedness Center


n  Board Member   

Professor Lu Xiong

    Director of Science and Technology Department of Chengdu Normal University

    National training expert of primary and secondary school principals

    Managing director and secretary-general of Sichuan Psychological Society


Dr. Wang Tun, national "Thousand Person Program" scholar, PhD of Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and PhD of University of Connecticut, USA

    Director of Institute of Care-life

    Director of Sichuan Earthquake Early Warning Key Laboratory

    Vice Chairperson of Emergency Professional Committee, China Meteorological Society

    Vice president of Sichuan Emergency Management Society



IV. Contact us

Tel /Fax: +86-28-6010 6828